10 College Traps to Avoid What Every Parent Needs to Know!

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College is one of the biggest financial decisions millions of students – and their parents and grandparents – will ever make. Yet too many do so without a plan, unaware of the right questions to ask, and uninformed on the latest traps to avoid.

If you, or a student in your life, will be thinking about college within the next 3 years, you can’t afford to miss this one-hour Webinar.

In this timely Webinar, you’ll learn the latest traps to avoid:

Trap #1 – New FAFSA changes: What you don’t know could cost thousands

Trap #2 – Ignorance isn’t bliss: 50% of students fall for this trap

Trap #3 – Insider secrets colleges don’t want you to know

Trap #4 – 3 critical questions students fail to ask

Trap #5 – 3 ways colleges set students up to fail

Trap #6 – Major new trend that will affect 10 – 15 million families

Trap #7 – This trap alone will cost you $20,000 or more!

Trap #8 – The biggest mistake students will make in 2022

Trap #9 – 5 essential questions most parents never ask

Trap #10 – Biggest regret for parents … and how to avoid it


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