Why CAP Works

The innovative CAP (College Action Plan) Toolkit works because it is the first online System focused exclusively on the ‘Finances’ of college.

College Planning is so much more than comparing financial aid packages or completing the FAFSA application. It’s understanding that a true College Action Plan is a series of decisions – each with its own cost – that leads to the ultimate goal: A great job offer!

Unfortunately, college sites fail to guide students and parents through the tough questions … or take them to specific sites to find the right answers! Nor are they focused on helping students be better prepared for the job market.

This disconnect has led to the dramatic new college-related financial problems millions of families face today (highlighted below).

LFE’s turn-key CAP System is designed to prevent these problems as families navigate new post-COVID challenges in an ever-changing college landscape. With instant access to the latest tools and resources, families make more informed decisions, minimize future debt, and accomplish specific bottom-line outcomes no other program can achieve.

The CAP Outcome: A specific College Action Plan students can follow throughout their academic lives to help ensure an amazing job offer upon graduation so they’ll earn enough to repay their student loan debt!

'The College Action Plan made the entire college planning process so simple. It saved so much time, brought up questions we never thought to ask, and helped us save over $23,500 on our daughter's education.' 

- J Martinez, Chicago, IL
‘The College Action Plan made the entire college planning process so simple. It saved so much time, brought up questions we never thought to ask, and helped us save over $23,500 on our daughter’s education.’ – J Martinez, Chicago, IL

Critical Problems CAP Prevents

  • 50% of freshmen enter college with an undeclared major, which has led to as many as 50% who fail to graduate – Forbes
  • 60% of grads take 6 years or more to complete a 4-year degree – Dept of Ed
  • Those with no College Plan spend up to 3.5 times more for college – Sallie Mae
  • Parents are on the hook for nearly all new private student loans – Forbes
  • 50 & Older: One of the fastest growing age groups for student loan debt – Dept of Ed
  • 50% of Millennials move back home after college – TD Ameritrade
  • 2019 Grads had the highest unemployment rate since 1990 (and that was in the best job market in decades) – Forbes
  • 1 in 3 grads work in jobs that don’t require a degree – Forbes
  • 40% of student loan borrowers are expected to default by 2030 – Dept of Ed

CAP Skills Learned

  • Post-COVD college mistakes to avoid
  • How to prepare for today’s new job market
  • Pitfalls that add thousands to college costs
  • ‘Big Red College Flags’ for parents
  • Specific steps that make college selection so easy
  • Questions most students never ask
  • How colleges set students up to fail
  • Hidden money-saving ‘secrets’ many colleges won’t tell you
  • Fool-proof techniques to select the best career path
  • Traps to avoid when selecting the right school
  • Proven strategies to graduate quicker
  • 60+ free resources to help make smarter academic decisions
  • How to prevent overwhelming student loan debt
  • ROI – Mistakes students make in their calculations
  • Strategies guaranteed to increase graduation rates
  • Traps private lenders never reveal
  • How to ensure a great job offer upon graduation

Mastering these skills will change your financial life for decades to come!

Proven CAP Outcomes

  • Save thousands on college
  • Graduate quicker
  • Borrow less
  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Be the grad employers want to hire!

Plus … Protect the financial security of parents and grandparents!