Why it Works

This innovative Action Plan works because it was designed to prevent the latest problems, master college planning skills, and accomplish specific outcomes no other program can achieve.

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Problems We Solve

  • 50% of freshmen never graduate – Forbes
  • 60% of grads take 6 years or more to complete a 4-year degree – Dept of Ed
  • Those with no Pre-College Plan spend up to 3.5 times more for college – Sallie Mae
  • Parents are on the hook for 94% of all new private student loans – WSJ
  • 50 & Older: One of the fastest growing age groups for student loan debt – Dept of Ed
  • 50% of Millennials move back home after college – TD Ameritrade
  • 1 in 3 grads work in jobs that don’t require a degree – Forbes

Skills Learned

  • Pitfalls that add thousands to college costs
  • ‘Big Red College Flags’ for parents
  • Specific steps that make college selection so easy
  • Questions most students never ask
  • How colleges set students up to fail
  • Hidden money-saving ‘secrets’ colleges won’t tell you
  • Fool-proof techniques to select the best career path
  • Traps to avoid when selecting the right school
  • Proven strategies to graduate quicker
  • 60+ free resources to help make smarter academic decisions
  • How to prevent overwhelming student loan debt
  • ROI – Mistakes students make in their calculations
  • Strategies guaranteed to increase graduation rates
  • Traps private lenders never reveal
  • Costly mistakes grads make in preparing for the job market
  • How to ensure a great job offer upon graduation

Mastering these skills will change your financial life for decades to come!

Proven Outcomes

  • Save thousands on college
  • Graduate quicker
  • Borrow less
  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Be the grad employers want to hire!