10 College

Thousands of parents and grandparents of high school Juniors and Seniors are looking for help as they make critical college decisions this Spring. Skyrocketing college costs, distance learning challenges, and new Post-COVID traps have made this process more difficult than ever before. This unique course was created to help families avoid costly mistakes as they plan for one of the most important decisions they’ll ever make.

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This high-content workshop (via Zoom) helps participants learn the latest college traps to avoid in 2021. Attendees will also receive our 12-Point Guide for Parents, to help both students and parents move forward with consistent goals and expectations when making essential college decisions. 

To reach our 2021 goal of educating 1 million families, we’re currently booking this popular workshop at no cost for employers, credit unions, banks, high schools, advisory firms, and others who have a desire to help college-bound families. 

Participants will learn:
  • New FAFSA guidelines … & why these changes so important
  • Post-COVID traps to avoid
  • ‘Insider Secrets’ many schools don’t want families to know
  • Valuable resources to help save thousands on college!

BONUS: Every participant will receive additional unbiased educational tools to help them make more informed college decisions

Help Families Avoid the Latest College Traps!

The LFE Team