COVID-19 has changed the way students and parents plan for college. Skyrocketing college costs, the evolving academic landscape, and school closing has motivated millions of families to re-evaluate their college decisions. View the College Planning Video below to learn more.

This fast-paced Post-COVID Webinar was designed to help students – and the parents and grandparents who support them – learn the following:

  • What colleges aren’t telling them after the shutdown
  • Why 4.6 million students walk away from free money every year
  • How grads can be better prepared for the ‘new’ job market
  • Critical Post-COVID questions to ask
  • Specific strategies to slash college costs
  • The latest college traps to avoid

This popular new Webinar is sponsored by banks, credit unions, employers, Advisors, CPAs, churches, and other organizations committed to helping college-bound families avoid costly college mistakes that could negatively affect their finances for decades!

Don’t spend a dime – or co-sign a loan –until you attend this Webinar. Your financial future depends on it! 

The LFE Team